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Podcast: A Waterway Bounces Back following the Passage of the Clean Water Act

November 2017

Although the aims of environmental legislation are well known, measuring the effects of regulation is often a difficult task. Inadequate data for baseline conditions and the recovery period can hamper efforts to quantify the effects of a regulation. In a rare exceptional case, Dr. Daniel Gibson-Reinemer and his colleagues describe in BioScience the successful recovery of the Illinois Waterway following the implementation of the 1972 Clean Water Act. Using a robust, multi-decadal data set, the authors demonstrate a tight linkage between water quality and the rebound of numerous fish populations. Dr. Gibson-Reinemer joins us in this episode of BioScience Talks to discuss the article's findings and to explain their possible application in future recovery efforts.

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Read the full text of the article "Ecological Recovery of a River Fish Assemblage following the Implementation of the Clean Water Act " in BioScience.
Article Citation: BioScience (2017) 67 (11): 957-970.

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