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US National Poll Shows Science Important to Voters

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For Immediate Release: 11 August 2008

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Scientists and Engineers for America

Nobel Laureates, Scientists, and Engineers Ask Candidates to Address Science and Technology Issues

Washington, DC. On July 2nd, Scientists and Engineers for America (SEA) released a national poll that shows voters support candidates who are committed to advancing a range of significant science and technology issues. ( The survey reached 1,005 adults nationwide in the continental United States from June 12-15. The key findings indicate:

  • Voters place a significant amount of importance on public policy decisions that are based on science and technology to solve problems we face today, like global warming, energy, public education, and health care.

  • Majorities of voters say they would be more likely to vote for a candidate who is committed to advancing science and technology on a range of issues.

  • Majorities across partisan lines say they would be more likely to support a candidate who is committed to these issues.

Part of the Innovation & the Elections 2008 initiative, the poll is one element of a campaign that highlights the importance of science in the elections this year. The SEA and a coalition of America’s major scientific societies also issued a series of science-related questions to candidates running for office, which are displayed on the SHARP Network, The questions focus on the problems faced by Americans today: keeping America‚Äôs edge in innovation, climate change, science and technology education, energy, water, healthcare, and research. Visitors to the SHARP Network can look for their candidates’ answers to these questions but if they don’t find responses from the candidates, they are asked to join the SEA coalition in asking them to respond in an email.

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